Continuous Infinite

It is such a burden as I face all my deepest darkest abandonment fears with y'all inevitably came true,

The lies you claimed the other told ended up being replete astride both the actions and words of both men-

'Tis not long ago did I concede to not chase ye like I abide perpetually only in the heavens above for I too know deeply like the ocean tide that of every thing which I presently speak is a problem I caused and provoked almost ceaselessly

It is through this ~pain~ I pray for guidance and survival albeit more importantly the strength to heal & move on-

Here on Earth as much as the time and space amongst the continuous infinite that stretches 'fore me,

The continuous infinite that stretches up and around us all waiting to consume divine & material matter as if a snack before a more humbling yet troubling meal~

Hazel Phoenix on 30/05/2021 at 13:51 Zulu