Decimated Happiness

I finally had a glimpse beyond this hellish landscape of that which passes before me,

To a great reckoning she had whispered that I yet knew how truly I'd been among infinity nor would I veritably have any solace within my brooding self~

Atop the realisation that I had lost it all to spiral down from the Heaven prior embraced and thereby deep sorrow beset me till I had no choice but to make parting thoughts and words...

It is through this unimaginable pain of forced separation that I acknowledge my role ever-present and turn towards Divinity above for Strength that I may claw my way back out of hell through my own efforts and be reunited with The Infinity of The Grand Holy Mother & Father represented to me by the land, water, and skies abundantly steadfast- never abandoning me;

With the Grace which allows the Colorado River to carve out the Grand Canyon over millions of years and bless us with the most beautiful depiction of the unknown mixed with the Universal Eternity.

It is my determination to return to this Garden of Eden without being torn from it nor allowing any self-sabotage~ so that perhaps I can finally repossess genuine joy and not trudge through each breath weighed down by Decimated Happiness....

{Written by Hazel Phoenix}