Laterally Evolving

In this moment of time, I search for peace without you

Always numbing myself with the drugs of today

Lookin’ for the drugs of tomorrow

Realisin’ it is both the pain and symptoms of a grand delusion we share together

Only in changing ourselves can we ever hope to be free of this misery

A self created illusion that I could ever do this alone

It leaves a bitter taste of reality

In the end it doesn’t have to be jails, institutions, or death- though if you so choose you can guarantee a right to perish under avoidable destruction

I call upon something else now, in some sense above me

If I ever want to escape this hell hole I dug underneath me

I tire of relying upon a soul built for failure,

Twas ne’er said it’d be easy

but there has to be a life better than this.

{Written by Hazel Phoenix}